It’s common for people to contemplate on how to form a perspective of any specific issue; whether to take a moralistic view or to fall into the realm of pragmatism causes most of the hassle. It is in my personal belief, that we need to find the right balance between the two just like we do for many other things. If we were to illustrate in a Venn Diagram, I’d say the intersection of the areas of the Circle of the Moralistic View and the Circle of the Pragmatic View is what we require when tackling any issue. Let’s look at this affair: imposing vegan diet as the only kind of diet. It is tempting to look at this issue with an end point of a moralistic solution, that is the prohibition of eating meat because animals are being killed, but this issue needs pragmatism into play as well. Lets cut the cliché argument that goes along the lines of ‘We eat chicken because we get protein’: it is getting clearer day by day that there are various vegan protien-rich alternatives, which brings us to the central but an unpopular immoralastic argument: ‘We prefer meat because it is tasty’. This argument accounts for a basic human desire, which is pleasure. The prohibition of eating meat would take away the pleasure humans count on when they eat food. The decision to not prohibit meat because doing so would take away the simple pleasures of life, could be looked at as a view which is purely pragmatic.

So which view offers the best solution? None. As stated above, the combination of both these views would be optimal. If we were to deal with this specific issue with the combination of both the views, we would say that more should be invested in making vegan products taste like meat, while traditional meat products are carefully regulated and bought down to a minimum.
Hence, the purpose of this blog is to discuss trending issues with a combination of both the moralistic and the pragmatic view. Though this blog’s title might look contradictory, it’s rather aimed at the fact that the relative importance given to pragmatism to modern issues is very low. Therefore, this blog aims to increase the level of pragmatism and find the right balance.

PS: I’m Manickam Valliappan, and I just finished my A levels. I could tell you more, but you wouldn’t care.


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