Jallikattu protests: reopening the gates to a larger fact

Are you ready to challenge me ?

Photo courtesy: Vinoth Chandar

A week full of protests all over Tamil Nadu surely has got a lot of attention, and here is the good part; it’s not only intra-state. The aftermath of the protests has informed many about the unity of the  people of Tamil Nadu, and even more, it has inspired other States to stand up together as one crowd for what it believes in synchrony, as observed from the recent protests in Andhra Pradesh to attain the status of a ‘Special State’. Setting aside unity, the protestors in Tamil Nadu displayed heavy resistance, no matter how they were wooed, showing that the Indians in Tamil Nadu know what’s best for them. ‘Government intervention? Who the hell needs that?!’ The rewards certainly weren’t posthumous, the protests didn’t stop until the united crowd were informed that an ordinance had been passed. Although the protests ended violently, it is more than clear that anti-national and political elements had come into play.

Here’s something that was amplified but only a few noticed: the idea of social proof. If a group of people perform an activity, it motivates another group to do the same. How many of us have done things because we’ve seen other people doing it? Most of us. We live in a world where most of us humans need social proof to perform an activity. Same applies to these jallikattu protests; with one state standing together for what it believes in and is willing to show high resistance, it automatically motivates the people in another state to do the same. If we Indians stand as one united crowd to develop our respectives states (and eventually our nation), it instills fear in the state governments, and eventually corrects the disoriented system. It is not only the affairs of tradition that can come into the picture, but other issues can be tackled, such as education and rural development.


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