Arguments Against The Idea Of A Democracy

SocratesAlthough Democracies are considered to be just and praised for it’s inclusion of the common public, various ancient philosophers thought otherwise

Plato would ultimately have the last laugh under Donald Trump’s presidency, if he was (un)fortunate enough to live in the current world. As time passes, it’s becoming clearer that Trump knows nothing about policy and became the 45th US president just because of his distinct ability to indoctrinate Americans and attack the media without hurting himself in the eyes of his fans. Trump’s potential presidency years would be resonated in Plato’s argument against the idea of a Democracy thousands of years ago, which revolves around the fact that those who are only experts at winning elections and nothing else will eventually dominate democratic politics, leading to a democracy’s downfall due to the lack of ability to manage the territory and craft appropriate policies. This argument exactly represents the current US presidency; Donald Trump is a man who is only good at winning elections and from recent events, it is safe to conclude that he returns void regarding policies which could ultimately lead to America’s dissolution. With respect to Plato’s argument, it makes us question as global citizens the very credibility of any given democracy.

Plato amplified the thoughts and beliefs of the famous philosopher, Socrates, in his book ‘Republic’ which records the dialogue between Socrates and his friends. Socrates believed that voting is essentially a skill and needed to be taught systematically, he argues that allowing citizens to vote without the required education could lead to political catastrophes and abuse of power. Sadly, he had a first hand experience of his very argument, when he was put on trial for supposedly corrupting the youth of Athens and was declared guilty by a narrow majority vote. He was then executed just because of his amplification for his ideas and opinions. His execution went against an indispensable part of every human in a politically just system: the right to freedom of speech. It is essential that a fair political system protects it’s people’s right to free thinking and speech, such that they can effectively voice out their opinions when their leader or the political system is falling into the Tyranny Trap.

Leaving the violation of freedom of speech aside, it is important to note that Socrates didn’t imply that only a small number should be allowed to vote, rather, he believed that a Democracy should be strongly connected to wisdom. From his perspective, it was unfair that everybody had the ability to vote as a birthright. He believed that it takes deep and rational analysis to choose an appropriate leader, which is mostly improperly performed by the people before the selection process. Legal institutions assume that at the age of 18, a person is able to make rational decisions that makes him/her and the society better off. However, recent events provide plenty of proof that opposes this assumption. It has been mine and the general opinion that Trump’s fans failed to analyze the economic and foreign effects for backing Trump, and were single minded with their hunger for ‘difference’ and their craving to make ‘America First’. The number of people with such a mindset was intriguing. It was hard to digest that such a large number failed to think rationally, which makes us question: Do we deserve a Democracy?

The modern media with their bias viewpoints has incredibly enlarged the information gap for the common public. The people are informed with only a specific stance. Media is one of the pillars modern democracies are built upon, and the breakdown of such a pillar could mean the dysfunctioning of an entire Democracy. The high dependency on the media to make democratic decisions could be looked at as a downside. With the introduction of services like Facebook and Twitter which has led to the spike in the number of fake news, one doesn’t know what is true and what is false. Mainstream media has also been unstable on various accounts. Structuring our beliefs and opinions on such unstable and unaccountable organizations could translate to unsatisfactory political decisions. Again, according to Socrates, one needs to think deeply and rationally to choose a leader and when we don’t have enough data, how can we think from different standpoints?

So do we eventually come to a conclusion that a Democracy is an unfavorable political system in the modern world? Not even close. The alternatives to Democracies, such as Monarchical or Dictatorial rule, are highly unappealing. North Korea, a country which has adopted an absolute Monarchical rule, whose ‘government’ has repeatedly signified through its inhuman acts and violation of basic human rights, that such a Monarchical system will not act with the public’s best interest, making it unsuitable for the modern world. Hence, we need to approach this problem with a different solution. We need to pay attention to these arguments against the idea of a Democracy and rectify it. Since information is key, education institutions need to nurture their disciples to think analytically while making political decisions. In fact, Plato himself started ‘The Academy’ to educate the common people on politics. Media needs to correct itself such that it delivers information with various standpoints and the people can rationally analyze and formulate their opinions accordingly.

Democracy is the only system that revolves around the common public, hence it is obvious and essential that we do not eradicate the entire system, but tackle the very faults.

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Trump’s budget: America Last


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Donald J Trump never fails to piss off the local and foreign audience with his bizarre and dramatic economic plans. An increment in military spending and decrement of spending in just about anything that actually matters to the American people sums up the proposed 2018 fiscal budget for the United States of America. It’s also important to note that the scientific establishment might take a big hit since funds for EPA and NASA have been reduced. On the matter of increments, Trump’s controversial opinion on increased military spending has been reflected without fail in the proposed  ‘America First’ budget. Deductively, he’s cutting funds for almost every non-defense agency. This is pure cruel conservatism in action.

Increased military spending might have drastic effects in the global scenario. One might think it might lead to a more secure America with the development of nuclear power, but military spending might spark global tensions and an indication of progress for a violence-free world would not be sought out for. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seems to be handling this issue with flow; he stated that military options are on the table while dealing with North Korea’s notoriety. With the assistance of Trump’s budget plans, this further validates the path the USA is ready to take to actively tackle problems around the globe: the path of violence.

With recent reports stating that China is ready to boost its military cooperations with Pakistan and Trump’s decision to improve the American military, this might encourage other parts of the world to boost military spending in order to reduce the state of vulnerability when faced with times of uncertainty. I think it’s about time to stop dreaming about a non-violence driven world for now.

Adding to budget decisions, Trump has made a rebellious move by ceasing to spend on UN’s climate change programmes. The budget also proposes to zero out funds for the Global Climate Change Initiative. USA, a country that is expected to top the contributions chart regarding climate change, will absolutely have no sort of role to play to prevent the potential catastrophes. Well, this was expected.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would face a reduction of 2.5 billion dollars, resulting in a loss of thousands of jobs. Also, the EPA’s objective to keep drinking water clean might be crippled to a very large extent due to this decrement. NASA has faced a minor cut that might affect its proposed missions. Education, Healthcare, programs for the development of the poor have all been subjected to a reduction in funds. Man, you’ve got to appreciate Trump’s balls to devise a plan to screw an entire country at once.

Trump’s nature could be the sole explanation for these decisions. I like to think that Trump is highly single-minded with his economic and political decisions and does not analyse the underlying effects of his proposals. In other words, he isn’t an economist. What he repeatedly fails to understand is that there are various variables in economics that are highly dependent. This budget is just another result of his unadaptable thought process. However, his voters get to go home with what they wanted; an appreciation in military spending, but they are completely blinded from the life they could potentially lead under the activation of Trump’s budget.

The kind of America Trump is trying to paint for the rest of the world should be more than clear now. This proposed budget gives plenty of room for the general public to contemplate on an America that might be on the verge of self-destruction and even worse, more damaging to the global status than ever before. With sensitive countries such as North Korea and China closely watching, military spending could possibly lead to unwanted tensions and might force other developing countries to respond to this unfavourably. Reduction in climate change funds might not be hyped as of now, but upon experiences of adverse symptoms, there will be no turning back. All we can do now is hope that this budget doesn’t pass.

Trump’s silence

Donald Trump

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Srinivas Kuchibothla was just a techie who wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy his beer at a Kansas bar accompanied by his friend, Alok Madasani. Srinivas would have never thought that he was then going to get shot by a US Navy Veteran and Alok never thought that he would have to get injured and watch his friend die. Srinivas’s parents would have never thought they would have to go through watching their son’s dead body and his wife would have never thought he would leave her a world without him. The American hero (Ian Grillot) who tried to save Alok and Srinivas would have never thought he would end up hospitalised. All this pain and the ‘president’of the United States of America remains silent as the grave.

A Trump supporter would argue that the president can’t address every single homicide of the country. Totally a valid point, but this homicide is completely different. The murderer told Srinivas to “get out of the country” before killing him, confirming his racist intentions. Hence, it is the president’s job to reassure the country and the rest of the globe with respect to the current political climate that the government’s agenda is only to correct the jobs imbalance between the immigrants and the Americans and not to promote white supremacy. However, recent events have totally opposed the government’s supposed agenda, all thanks to the deductions made from Trump’s silence.

Even if the immigrant’s death did not lure Trump to offer his condolences, the American who tried to save Srinivas and Alok should have got the president’s attention for his display of strong diversity. Failing to do so further validates that the president roots for absolute white supremacy – he fails to address the dead immigrant and the white American who tried to save him, suggesting that Trump is not so attracted to the unity of people from various cultures. Simply put, he doesn’t give a shit about what happens to non-whites.

As time passes and Trump refuses to speak out, we receive further amplification of his ignorance and evil motives.

If we were to expand this scenario broadly and rhetorically and link it with the current economic and political status, the Navy Officer (the shooter) would be Trump, Srinivas would be the current immigrant community, Alok would be the US economy and Ian Grillot could potentially be the Trump supporters waking up to their senses. The US economy would be grieving the loss of a large number of immigrants due to the policies that are about to be undertaken and only the effective attempt of opposition by Trump supporters to this could probably lead to a good ending, even though the brave Ian Grillot couldn’t save the day.

Only Karma knows what’s going to happen next. Will she decide to do something fruitful or will the impractical and disrespectful Trump grab her by the pu***?