Trump’s silence

Donald Trump

Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore

Srinivas Kuchibothla was just a techie who wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy his beer at a Kansas bar accompanied by his friend, Alok Madasani. Srinivas would have never thought that he was then going to get shot by a US Navy Veteran and Alok never thought that he would have to get injured and watch his friend die. Srinivas’s parents would have never thought they would have to go through watching their son’s dead body and his wife would have never thought he would leave her a world without him. The American hero (Ian Grillot) who tried to save Alok and Srinivas would have never thought he would end up hospitalised. All this pain and the ‘president’of the United States of America remains silent as the grave.

A Trump supporter would argue that the president can’t address every single homicide of the country. Totally a valid point, but this homicide is completely different. The murderer told Srinivas to “get out of the country” before killing him, confirming his racist intentions. Hence, it is the president’s job to reassure the country and the rest of the globe with respect to the current political climate that the government’s agenda is only to correct the jobs imbalance between the immigrants and the Americans and not to promote white supremacy. However, recent events have totally opposed the government’s supposed agenda, all thanks to the deductions made from Trump’s silence.

Even if the immigrant’s death did not lure Trump to offer his condolences, the American who tried to save Srinivas and Alok should have got the president’s attention for his display of strong diversity. Failing to do so further validates that the president roots for absolute white supremacy – he fails to address the dead immigrant and the white American who tried to save him, suggesting that Trump is not so attracted to the unity of people from various cultures. Simply put, he doesn’t give a shit about what happens to non-whites.

As time passes and Trump refuses to speak out, we receive further amplification of his ignorance and evil motives.

If we were to expand this scenario broadly and rhetorically and link it with the current economic and political status, the Navy Officer (the shooter) would be Trump, Srinivas would be the current immigrant community, Alok would be the US economy and Ian Grillot could potentially be the Trump supporters waking up to their senses. The US economy would be grieving the loss of a large number of immigrants due to the policies that are about to be undertaken and only the effective attempt of opposition by Trump supporters to this could probably lead to a good ending, even though the brave Ian Grillot couldn’t save the day.

Only Karma knows what’s going to happen next. Will she decide to do something fruitful or will the impractical and disrespectful Trump grab her by the pu***?